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And so Captain David Hughes, wife Patricia, and 1 year old  son David arrived at West Point during the Academic Summer of 1955. 


To our joy we were not only authorized on-post Housing, but also in one of the two story, 1890s wooden buildings right on Thayer Road south of the Academic Buildings and the looking out eastward over the Hudson River. Beautiful view.

Now of course that building had housed 1 First Lieutenant and his family on both floors - the entire house in the 1890s.  Now it housed two Captains and their families - one upstairs - we Hughes's - and one downstairs. (by the time we visited the post in the year 2000, the same building housed two Majors, and their families)

Beggers can't be choosers. We were delighted. We had an outside deck, were high above the road that went between the Headquarters and Academic heart of West Point, and the Thayer Hotel and the South Gate a mile away. 

So here it is "Quarters 9B" at West Point which would be our home for the next 3 years.

Actually, this picture is taken in 2004, when I returned officially for the 3d time. The upper deck was not screened in in 1955- it was open. Nice in the summer, pretty chilly in the winter.

And in case you wonder what a stairs-climb we had to get to our high up upstairs quarters, in fact we never came in or out that front way, but from the rear, which is just a few steps up from ground level, with a road just a few paces behind the house, and with our garage across the alleyin the rear.  


Rear view. To the side of the house was a very large grassy area - our 'yard.' Twas a great place for very young David to play in as he grew up from 2 to 5 years old at West Point.



Settling In at USMA

So while Patsy set up our new home - our third in 3 years - I started the routine of English Department briefings and orientations all instructors go through before Academics start in the fall.



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