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Edward in 2002 was in an engineering postition at large MCI Telephone Company, later renamed WorldCom. But midst accounting scandals where the CEO Bernie Ebbers eventually went to jail, it went into bankruptcy and the Colorado Springs offices were closed. (its assets were later acquired by Verizon) So Edward was out of his job.


He took a position with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) in the Athletic Department between 2003 and 2006)


In 2006 (when DavidXIII was 10 years old and still attending Chipeta Elementary School, he was tasked to put up a school project in an auditorium alongwith other students. Since he was already taking Piano lessons and showing real talent, he chose as his subject Ludwig Van Beethoven. I videotaped his elamorate display and his oral presentation, while his aunt Rebecca, and grandmother Patsy, and I listed to (and critiqued his project. Already it was clear he was a good scholar, mastered his subject, put up an excellent display, and showed his command of his subject as he spoke.


Below is a videotape of his display, presentation, and I and his grandmother's critiquing him. Its impressive.

Just click on the words below to access it.




About the same time frame, both young David and younger (by 3 years) brother Justin had begun serious Piano study. Their Mother Haning was the prime mover in their family for that past of their education.


Below is a very short Video I taped at our Home, before me and Patsy, as young David plays and practices a piece by Bach on our grand piano. There too young David shows talent. It was March 29th, 2006. He is just short of his 10th birthday.






In 2007 their father Edward was able to secure a position in Verizon, who bought and reorganized World Com.


Then he took a contracting engineer position between 2007 and 2012 with El Paso Natural Gas, during which time he earned an MBA through Colorado Technical University.



Caitlyn was born to Jennifer Clark and Andy Tilton July 2003. They were married in 2005.

Nathan born 2006

Evelyn April 2009


Lindsey Clark gave birth to Brynn Dec 2008


Rebecca marries Tom 2001


David Jr took a position in a technical Internet Communications Company in Dallas, Texas in 2001. Patsy flew down

to visit them that same year. I took her to the Colorado Springs Airport, and while waiting for her flight, videotaped

a 1 minute chat with her. This tape is one of the few chatting with her while viewing her face. She rarely wanted to be

on tape.


Now here is just a video of our home life and home. A kind of cooks tour around the first floor of the house -

from kitchen through dining room, living room, and my office den - with clips about many of the things we have

collected over the years - which give the house almost a Living Museum look. (Later I will be zeroing in on almost

every item on the Bric-a-brac shelves, with a brief description of each item which largely Patsy collected clear back to the years when she live with

hher parents in Germany, right after WWII)


But for now, here is your 5 minute conducted tour of our home in 2007 at 6 North 24th Street, Colorado Springs.


Just click on ->  Brief Tour of our Home


Now just a little home life - 2 minute or so video of Mother's Day Cleanup of 6 North 24th outside on May 9th 2004, while Tom, Ed, Haning,David 3d, David XIII, Justin, Jeniffer, clean up. Just click on






Now just a little home life







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