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About This Dave Hughes Legacy Web Site

This is the still growing - online only - personal and professional Autobiography of Col (Ret) David Ralph Hughes and his immediate family.

It contains over 14,000 items occupying over 8 gigabytes of data in the form of text, graphics, audio and video clips in standardized formats, accumulated over many decades.It is accessible by any user of a standard Web browser, who can access its home page over the Internet to URL

You can brouse or read its narratives and content by menus in rough chronological order of Hughes life from 1928 birth through today. The site also contains Dave and Patsy (deceased) Ancestory back until the 1590's in Wales.

You can also, by entering a word (name, date), phrase in the powerful Search box on the Home Page, get returned every clickable item or article in which the word or term exists on the entire site.

Since Dave Hughes will, sooner or later, be unable to add to the site himself, his three adult children (and their spouses), his five grandchildren (and their spouses) and his four great-grandchildren understand that they must continue to tend the site, and add their lives to its narratives. The site will be hosted, upgraded, and added to, on a professional Internet service indefinitely into the future, thanks to a small endowment.

Still in progress, through artificial intelligence technology, Dave Hughes plans to interact with anyone contacting his core beliefs stored in his silicon mind after his carbon self ceases to exist. It will be accessible with a smart phone before his Colorado Springs, Fairview Cemetery, Gravestone, (via a QR Code) or via the global Internet. 


Note: Excerpts of this Legacy content may be copied elsewhere under US Copyright Law's Fair Use Doctrine.








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